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Brisa Havanera Short Sleeve Linen Authentic Guayabera
Noche Havanera Long Sleeve Linen Authentic Guayabera
Traditional Cotton Blend Guayabera
Embroidered Cotton Blend Guayabera
Men's Embroidered Guayabera Poly-Cotton
Traditional Cotton Blend Long Sleeve Guayabera Shirt
Embroidery Cotton Blend Long Sleeve Guayabera Shirt
Clergy Guayabera Shirt
Embroidered Clergy Guayabera Shirt.
Long Sleeve Clergy Guayabera Shirt
Embroidered Long Sleeve Clergy Guayabera Shirt.
Front embroidered cotton blend guayabera

The Guayabera shirt is uniquely distinct and smart, an industrious shirt in that it can be used for all occasions, from casual to formal. Stories of its creation can be traced back to the early 1800s.

Details of the Guayaberas

To keep him cool in the tropical heat, linen was originally used, pin-tucked ventilation panels vertically across the front panels and across the back. These tucks also serve to reinforce the four front-panel-pockets intended to carry fruits.

This shirt garnered immediate popularity as it was convenient, comfortable, smart and neat with a straight bottom hem. Learn more about the guayabera shirts here.

It is also known as the “Mexican wedding shirt” and well known and reputed across North America, Central America, Asia and Europe. Popularized in the 1950’s, with the likes of Ernest Hemmingway and exponentially popularized among various celebrities still today, the shirt has a timeless, classic appeal for tropical climates and a sophisticated appearance to even the most casual activity.

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