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MyCubanStore is a much-loved and renowned as the finest manufacturers of Guayaberas and Panama hats. Located in the Kendall area of Miami, Florida. We ship all over the world.

If you are looking for Guayabera shirts, linen outfits, hats and other tropical items; then you have landed at just the right place. You are more than welcomed to personally visit our warehouse in the Kendall area of Miami.

Authenticity & Tradition.

The Guayabera business our pride and passion since 2002 we are manufacturers and direct marketers of guayaberas, we are keepers of a traditional shirt that not only represents Cuba but most of Latin America.  We are constantly improving yet keeping the tradition of these unique shirts alive, we are Guayabera Experts!

Our promise to our customers is 100% Satisfaction guarantee, you buy any item from us and we will take care of you. We make sure the shirt you buy fits you right, we are the only guayabera store offering Free USA Shipping & Returns!

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Excellent and friendly customer service - and I had to send something back that didn’t fit. They were amazingly courteous!

Posted by Chuck Huckaby on Thursday, January 9, 2020

I have shopped here before a few years ago my brother-in-law lives in Oregon and loves the Guaya Bera so I am going to...

Posted by Lynn Bartels O'Neill Beam on Friday, January 25, 2019

Customer service was excellent. I ordered a few shirts last week and I was able to get them shipped to Canada the next...

Posted by Cheryl Girdhari on Tuesday, March 13, 2018

My husband likes guayabera shirts. We were planning a trip to Hawaii so I was looking for Hawaiian guayabera shirts. I...

Posted by Kathy Daniels on Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Our Story

Alexis at Mycubanstore.com warehouse
Alexis at Mycubanstore.com warehouse
The story of MyCubanStore is a story of many immigrants in the US, a story of hard work and perseverance to archive a dream only possible in the USA.

We are very proud to say the majority of our fellow refugees had lived a productive life with hard work and dedication they had archive and conquer many of their dreams and aspirations.  See other stories here...

The founder of MyCubanStore, dreamt of a life that was never going to be a reality for him in Cuba, since he was a teenager he had an entrepreneurial mind and a freedom loving  spirit.

Mr. Martin  who was born in a small town called Alacranes province of Matanzas, Cuba. From 1986 to 1990, he was dedicated in pursuing an educational career in the field of Computers and Electronics in Havana.

Bad Weather Ahead!

Alexis martin - rescue picture from 1994
Alexis martin - rescue picture from 1994
It was back in 1994 that he left Cuba and headed towards Florida, along with nine other Cubans, in a boat that they spontaneously improvised. With no motor that could power-up their boat, Martin and the other Balseros (rafters) survived at the mercy of the Ocean waves for almost four rough days at sea.

It was on the fourth day that a large storm hit the ocean tides and pummeled their boat to the shore with an obvious life threatening attack that nearly collapsed the boat.

The storm hit their boat in the middle of the night; so unexpected and traumatic that even today he feels the fear of almost dying at the hands of the ocean that night – He could feel the waves crashing and wrecking their boat.

The next morning when they were awakened to a new dawn that subsided the awfully scary night, they realized that they woke up to the most disheartening reality; they were nowhere close to Florida or Miami, and they instead landed on a beach in Havana.

Apparently, it was the rumbling storm that caused the ocean waves to drag them back to Cuba. Among the nine Cubans who initially traveled with Martin and were his compatriots, eight returned back to their homes in Cuba, accepting defeat and losing all the hope they had.

Mr. Martin and one of his compatriots, stayed back at the beach where they were fortunate enough to meet other rafters. Having joined the one of the rafters’ team, both the friends voyaged back through the sea the subsequent Monday morning.

The Rescue

After having spent a considerable three hours at sea, they saw a big U.S. Coast Guard ship heading towards them; this ship was Martin’s ticket to Florida, it was his pavement to a future that he dreamt of and a reality that he was sure would come true.

The ship picked Martin and his friend up and in a span of one week they arrived at Guantanamo bay.
This migration crisis had it peak in September 1994 and at the time Guantanamo Bay was holding a significant amount Cubans refuges estimated at 35,000 - 40,000 .  Initially, the conditions at the refugee camp for Cubans was relatively poor, but as time passed by, everything progressed towards betterment.

Guantanamo Bay

Alexis martin - World Relief Certificate Guantanamo  1994
Alexis martin - World Relief Certificate Guantanamo  1994
Within a period of five months after his arrival in Guantanamo, Mr. Martin participated in the a World Relief program as a computer teacher at a small school created for the refuges.

The school was created with the help of the military. Some of them taught English while others taught Computers, all on voluntary basis.

The U.S. military provided them with old equipment that they managed to refurbish and utilize for school purposes.

The entire experience of trying to settle in Guantanamo Bay is an experience that Mr. Martin cherishes to date; he feels it was a great cause to work towards and to begin his dream with.

Mr. Martin met a civil affairs Army Colonel called Vincent Zike in Guantanamo. He was able to leave an impression on this Colonel through his computer and entrepreneurship skills, and so Vincent Zike befriended him. This friendship that Martin got engaged into was sure to be valuable to him in the long run.

Welcome to Miami

Thirteen months followed and Mr. Martin finally left Guantanamo to finally arrive into the United States. It was in October 1995 that Martin started working in a hospital in Miami as a Surgery Room Assistant. Subsequently, Martin landed an IT related, technical position at Pollo Tropical which was a Miami-based fast food restaurant chain that specialized in Caribbean food. Following this job, he later landed a computer support position in a Miami Stock Market Software House.

At this point in time, Mr. Martin was firm about the idea of starting his own computer support business. Mr. Martin was always confident and eager about the idea of owning a business to himself and his family; therefore, he traveled from door to door in Miami and distributed flyers that highlighted his services.

Gradually, he was able to gather loyal clients for his business and although the practice was modest, he managed to attain a great customer-base.

Martin also created a website called ‘Vendoborato.com’. Sadly, even after investing $2,000 from his own funds into this classified website design and digital marketing, the website never took off.

2000's - Vendobarato.com - Website
2000's - Vendobarato.com - Website

One of those years, Martin visited the Cuba Nostalgia show where he was overwhelmed with the idea of creating commemorative coins that featured the Cuban coat or arms; each that emerged from the 6 original Cuban provinces. Soon he also learned that that Colonel Zike owned a coin manufacturing business in the United States by the name of ‘ChallengeCoins.com’.

Martin contacted him and with his help and PR, Martin managed to create an innovative and unique Cuban commemorative coin collection; this collection was much appreciated by the people of Miami and Martin managed to set a lot of coins in the area.  Martin’s original website was called ‘MiamiCoinsManufacturing.com’.
2000's - Miami Coins Manufacturing - Website
2000's - Miami Coins Manufacturing - Website

Even though the sales target achieved by the coins was remarkable, but Mr. Martin felt the need to branch the business out; this is where he intended to implement his idea of selling Cuban Memorabilia through an online medium. Since the focal point of the business was now altered, the business seemed to be needing a new name.
Therefore, the site name ‘MyCubanStore.com’ came into being, the first year the shipping took place in a small room near the garage in the Martin's residence. The business grew and MyCubanStore move its operations to a small warehouse and from there grew to different locations until it acquired its own warehouse in today location.


In november 2006 MyCubanStore.com was awared a trademark via the U S trademark and patent office.
MyCubanStore.com Trademark
MyCubanStore.com Trademark

A Family run business.

Marta & Alexis
Marta & Alexis
One fine day, one of Marta' accounting customer was tying the knot, and Mr. Martin's Wife Marta was going to be the officiant, they wanted to do it the traditional Cuban way where they wanted all their guests to be attired in Guayabera. To fulfill his friend’s wish and to blend in with the theme of the wedding, Mr. Martin visited a local store to buy a Guayabera.

It was soon after talking to the owner of that shop that sold Guayaberas that Mr. Martin also dedicated himself to selling Guayabera at ‘MyCubanStore.com’.

Throughout his business development and career building journey, Mr. Martin’s wife Marta persistently played a significant role by contributing to his efforts. Marta is a very accomplished Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and provided invaluable practical business advice and expertise while also running the office and accounting.

The very business that took off as a small-scale business in the Martin's  home, with the added efforts of his wife Marta, Martin’s father-in-law Luis, and the kids who also actively contributed towards accelerating the business’ success by exhausting themselves and manufacturing these Guayaberas at factory situated in Mexico; it ultimately grew into a very active warehouse where online orders are filled and shipped every single day.

MyCubanStore Warehouse pictures

MyCubanStore Warehouse
MyCubanStore Warehouse

MyCubanStore Warehouse
MyCubanStore Warehouse / Store Showroom

Guayaberas Wholesale

We manufacture Guayaberas to specifications to a growing number of wholesale customers. Customers who need these Guayaberas shirts at a special wholesale price can count on us to provide top quality products at factory prices. If you need a guayabera for an event, restaurant uniform, hotel or any other need we can do it!

We can customize the guayaberas to your liking, we can also embroider your logo on the guayabera shirts (see sample bellow)

Custom Embroidered Guayaberas
Custom Embroidered Guayabera with logo on pocket.

Custom Embroidered Guayaberas
Custom Embroidered Guayaberas