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Wholesale, Groups, Uniforms & Custom orders.

Wholesale, Groups, Uniforms & Custom orders. is a retailer, distributor, designer, and wholesaler of Guayaberas with our own factory which ensures competitive pricing. We design custom orders for your specific needs.

From commemorating a special occasion with our in-stock merchandise and simply adding an embroidered logo or emblem to designing Guayaberas in the fabric tones and patterns that best represent your corporate identity, we will cater to your needs.

Wholesale guayaberas, Group orders & Uniform Shirts

Guayaberas are highly customizable with their distinct features, from the traditional four-pocketed front panels, which can be designed with one, two, three or even no pockets, to the style and number of pin-tucks.

Guayabera shirts wholesale, wholesale Guayabera, and Custom Private label.

We can design and manufacture at wholesale prices in our factory in Mexico, these guayaberas are 100% authentic! We can offer wholesale prices in quantities as little as 12 pieces, custom styles with your own brand.  

There are a myriad of options available to match your needs, whether it’s a wedding party, hotel uniform, restaurant, theme park staff or corporate attire, there are many options to tier uniforms that will maintain a stylized appearance and still be able to identify various personnel or promote staff with specialized wholesale Guayabera shirt. Click to order now

logo embroidered guayabera Shirts
Sample of a logo embroidered guayabera Uniform Shirts


Ordering custom shirts, The Basic Process:

We will take your order. For embroideries on our in-stock merchandise, the turn-around time is faster. Usually 1-2 weeks for in-stock Guayaberas and 4-5 weeks for custom manufacturing or restock.

There is a one-time setup fee of approximately $55 to transfer your logo. Once it is in our system, we can place it anywhere that is customizable. Call us to see what we can do to meet your needs. Rush orders are available upon request and depending on available stock.

The customary minimum wholesale order is 12 pieces minimum for in-stock shirts and 36 minimum for custom manufacturing, however, call us to find a solution that works for you.

From concept to creation, we are happy to help our customer Redland Cigar Club! Beautiful Cuban style guayabera shirt for a Cigar Club.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • How can I customize a Guayabera?
    • Either with an embroidered logo or by custom designing a line with your own label and logo and features.
    • How long does it take to fulfill an order?
    • 1-2 weeks depending on the availability of merchandise and existing orders.

contact us

      to discuss your needs, you may be in luck.
    • How much does it cost to set up a logo?
    • Usually, it is $55 - $100 for a standard logo up to 5”. It is a one-time fee and from then on you can place orders without an additional logo fee.

Contact us

      to discuss your logo.
    • Is there a minimum number of pieces I must order?
    • Our policy is 12 shirt minimum for in-stock items and 36 minimum for custom manufacturing. However since stock varies call to see if we may have a solution to meet your needs.
    • Do you have Guayaberas for Men and Women?
    • Yes. And children too.
    • Are Guayabera’s the only thing that I can customize?
    • No. We have many items that we can embroider and customize for you.

Contact us

      discuss what you have in mind.
    • What features can I customize on a Guayabera?
      • Pockets: Traditionally four-pockets along the front two panels. How many would you like?
      • Slits: Side Customarily, there are adjustable buttons to tighten the look, or worn open will slim the appearance of the wearer.
      • Pin-tucks: Both for allowing airflow and strengthening the pockets, what are your needs? Will the wearer need stronger pockets or ventilation?
      • Sleeves: Long sleeves or short sleeves? It is also possible to include buttons and cuff link convertible shirts, as well as include a cuff design which allows the wearer more style options in wearing the long sleeves. Traditionally, the inner button line and collar can be made to match.
      • Adornments: Buttons and more buttons! These shirts are customarily adorned with various spare buttons, not only for looks but they come in handy if needed.
      • Fabric Style: Are you looking for linen or a cotton blend?
      • Fabric Patterns: From solid to patterns, to combinations thereof, there are many options to keep in mind.

Ready to order your custom uniform shirt? Click to order now

Sample Uniform shirts & Custom Guayabera Shirt.

Uniform Shirts
Wechsler Development Group embroidered logo uniform shirt


A wonderful way to reward staff and instill corporate pride as a wearable mark of distinction is to be able to earn certain shirts with an added feature. They are also great for security or widely staffed events where you need to identify staff by clothing at a glance. Whatever your needs are, contact us for personal service and we’ll help customize and find the best solution for establishing the dress code that best instills the values you want to portray.

Jazz band custom Uniform Shirt
Jazz band custom Uniform Shirt design

Whether beach casual, long sleeve formal or fun and easy to find, we will make sure your garment exudes a timeless appeal and is made to the highest quality standards, so it is durable while still being comfortable to wear time and time again.

Click to order now or ask us to recommend what is best to suit your needs. We look forward to creating your very own customized Guayabera.

Jazz band group picture with custom Uniform Shirt
Jazz band group picture with custom Uniform Shirt. Courtesy of Glades Jazz Band.


These differentiating features are some you can keep in mind when designing your own Guayabera’s and remember, we can also create your own label of Guayabera’s since we manufacture them. Distinguishing Guayabera Features to think about: Pockets,Slits, Pin-tucks, Sleeves, Adornments & Fabric Patterns.


Customer Review


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"... I recently ordered about 60 uniform shirts from My Cuban Store and I couldn't be happier with the purchase I've made! The shirts were all shipped out quickly and when I got them you can see the quality of the products! I will be shopping here again and STRONGLY recommend you do to!.. Zach Wright.."