Embroidered Cotton Blend Guayabera

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Reg Price: $85.00
Our Price: $55.25
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Embroidered Cotton Blend Guayabera
Flash SALE 35% OFF! (prices shown) + Free USA ship at $60!
Hurry ends: 3/25/2023
Reg Price: $85.00
Our Price: $55.25

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Product Details

MyCubanStore Brand

Embroidered Cotton Blend Guayabera

  • Embroidered Guayabera style – This is an embroidered guayabera shirt style with the four front pockets, pin-tucks front and back and decoration all around including the side slit.

  • Front pin-tucks (alforzas) – Two rows of traditional guayabera pin-tucks with a total of 8 pleats per line and the embroidered design.

  • Back pin-tucks (alforzas) – Three rows of traditional guayabera pin-tucks with a total of 16 pleats per line.

  • Pockets – Four traditional guayabera pockets decorated with buttons and continuing the pin-tucks lines down the front of the shirt.

  • Decorative buttons – 20 traditional decorative guayabera style buttons one on each pocket, at the beginning and end of pin-tucks lines and on three on each of the side slits.

  • Side slit – Functional side slit, can be loosen up to have a bit more room on the front of the shirt.

  • Regular fit- Regular American sizing, regular fit.

  • Cuffed Sleeves.- Featuring cuffed sleeves.

  • Lightweight Fabric & Easy-care fabric – Lightweight cotton blend fabric for comfort in hot weather. Easy care fabric machine-wash, offers less wrinkles than linen.

Embroidered Guayabera Top Detail
Embroidered Guayabera Side Detail

 & manufactured in Mexico with a unique embroidery decoration in a Guayabera style that represents cultural and traditonal styles of Latin America.

Superior craftmanship done with pride! Our factory takes this very seriusly we are Guayabera manufacturers and stand behind our shirts 100%

Crafted by expert hands respecting the original design. Elaborated yet not ostentatious, elegant & inclusive. 




Embroidered Guayabera Fitting Detail

Regular fitting done right - A shirt that fits and gives your body room to realx and enjoy the tropics. An island attitude carried all the way to the sizing, this embroidered guayabera will fit you!

Small batch production – We take our time producing these shirts, this embroidered guayabera shirt is cutted and sent to the embroider to add the pleats and embroidery design, the guyabera comes back to us where we put it together in small batches, normally 24 -48 shirt per color.

Weekly restocks - If don’t see a color you want on your size we are probably restocking it.

Dress up or down – You choose the look, nothing wrong with wearing the shirt with slacks or jeans its up toy ou! 


Basic Guayabera 5 Stars Reviews

Belly hiding at plain sight – This guayabera features a side slit that can be buttoned or unbuttoned for a more comfort fit and to help hide your belly like no other shirt can.

Easy Care – Cotton Blend fabric for easy care minimal Ironing while still been true to the traditional guayabera style.

Old School Dress shirts – I've been looking for a way to look like a businessman in the the heat of Arizona summers and came across these fine "Old school" dress shirts.

Fathers day  – My husband Loved it! He enjoyed it and it was just in time for Father's Day!


Embroidered Guayabera Corporate logo DetailVisiting cuba or Latin America - This shirt is the ideal shirt when traveling throut Latin America, versatile it can be dress up or down.

Havana Night Party – Enjoy this authentic guayabera at your next Havana nights party, wear it with nice slacks and dress and fedora hat shoes for a traditional look

Corporate event or restaurant uniforms – Guayaberas open doors when doing business in Latin America. We can do custom logo embroidery.

Beach & destination weddings – Great alternative to a suit or more formal beach attire, there is a reason the guayaberas are also known as Mexican Weeding shirts.


Warning! – These shirts will draw many compliments and questions of where did you get that shirt? or is that a guyabara? Never the less you will wear it with pride, we will forgive you if you hare having issues with the pronunciation but please don’t keep this secret for yourself let everyone know you got your embroidered cotton blend guayabera from MyCubanStore.com

Most customers used this guayabera shirt at cruise attire, traveling to Cuba or the Caribbean, casual summer clothes, simple beach attire and Havana nights gala.

  • retro cuban shirts
  • Fresh fabric
  • Machine Washable
  • MyCubanStore
  • Made in Mexico
  • Authentic style
  • Easy to wear
  • 65% polyester / 35% cotton
  • Short Sleeve