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    5 stars
    Best of both worlds
    April 27, 2014
    I like to wear Hawaiian shirts and Guayberra shirts. Thes meet the best of both worlds. I have six in different color and patterns and love them. Comfortable, cool and if you pull outm of dryer just before dry they need no ironing. Actually for a casual shirt they probably do not need to be ironed anyway.

    I wrote a poor review for some missized guayberras but these are right on to the sizing guide.

    I know my name on review says not happy but that was for the other review - did not realize I would be branded with that name forever. I AM HAPPY WITH THESE HAWAIIBERRA SHIRTS.

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  • Basic Traditional Cotton Blend guayabera, size xl & light blue.

    Basic Traditional Cotton Blend guayabera, size xl & light blue.

    1 stars
    China Mfg better get a new ruler
    April 27, 2014
    Have successfully ordered the Hawaiiberra shirts. Wanted these Guayberra shirts.

    When received (XL) I could barely get them buttoned. Sizing chart said order if a measurements from a favorite shirt was Shoulders (19 3/4), Chest (26), and Bottom (26).

    These shirts were Shoulders (19 1/2), Chest (23 1/2 and Bottom (24). Thes barely met the sizing guide for large but definitely not an extra large. Shirts looked good bu obviously from Chinese mfg that makes all same size and puts different labels in the shirts.

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