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Panama Fedora Hats and Guayaberas for corporate events.

Panama Fedora Hats and Guayaberas for corporate events. is a retailer, distributor, designer and fabricator of Guayaberas & authentic Panama Hats. With our own manufacturing facilities, our products are quality-controlled and competitively priced. We are offering our own Pop-Up Shops for your corporate event featuring our unique items. Our corporate event customers are particularly interested in our traditional Panama hats, Guayaberas and shirts with Cuban and Tropical South Florida style. We carefully select items that best represent your corporate event brand and identity. We will cater to your specific needs.

Corporate Event Pop up Shop

These corporate Pop-Up Shops are highly customizable and thoughtfully planned to feature the products tailored to the goals of your event. From the traditional four-pocketed front-panel Cuban Guayabera, to more modern cuts & from fedoras to classic Panama hats, we’ll handpick the products that best cater to your corporate event crowd. There are a myriad of options and products available to match your company’s budget and needs. If you are having a corporate event in South Florida, a customized Pop-Up Shop will be an authentic feature to make your event more memorable. Click to order now

Corporate event pop up shop
Corporate event Pop up shop at a Miami beach hotel

Requesting your corporate event pop up shop, The Basic Process:

We will take your request and lock in the date of your event on our calendar, if available. Reservations are recommended one month in advance to ensure availability. After the preferred sizes and quantities are received, we will start the process of personally selecting items for your event. Advance time, allows us to set aside more inventory for your event and even customize products for your event.

There is a one-time set-up fee for logistics based on event location, number of people and the hours you'll need the shop open. Call us to see what we can do to meet your needs. Rush schedule is available, however this might add additional charges on shipping and logistics.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How soon can I schedule my corporate event?
  • We recommend scheduling at least 4 weeks in advance to make sure we have the time for planning and acquiring all the inventory needed.
  • Can I choose between hats or shirts or I have to order both?
  • This is your corporate event. You are in full control of the products offered, some customers prefer only the authentic Cuban Guayabera shirts and others choose only to offer hats the Panama hats while others choose both. So, it’s entirely up to you. A decision based on your preference, budget and goals. contact us to discuss your needs. contact us to discuss your needs.
  • How much does it cost to set up this popup store for my corporate event?
  • Due to the nature of the corporate events pop up store, we are unable to quote unless we have all details, including dates, amount of people, location and products selected. Please Contact us to discuss your needs. Please Contact us to discuss your needs.
  • Do you have Guayaberas and Hats for Men and Women?
  • Yes. And, children and babies too. Ready to schedule your corporate event pop up shop? Click to order now

    Panama Hat Corporate Pop up Store.

    Panama Hat Corporate Pop up Store
    Panama Hat Corporate Pop up Store setup at Delano Hotel Miami Beach

    A wonderful way to incorporate local South Florida, Cuban & Tropical style into your event is by offering a Pop-Up Shop that features hand-chosen well-crafted, native mementos. We cater to corporate events taking place in Tampa, Miami, Naples & The Florida Keys. The Guayabera is a classic, valued for its neat appearance and also for its cultural and historic significance. It is an iconic representation of South Florida, Cuba and the Caribbean, engrained in all minds by the great Hemmingway and traditionally “Miami Vice” and the more contemporary shows of today. Whatever your needs are, contact us for personal service and we’ll help customize and find the best solution.

    Corporate event pop up store brochures
    Corporate event pop up store brochures

    Our customers often provide event guests with brochures to assign a product or a group of products at the Pop-Up Shop. Guests will visit the shop during the event and exchange their brochures for products at the corporate event Pop-Up Shop.

    Click to order now or ask us to recommend what is best to suit your needs. We look forward to creating your very own customized corporate event.
    Miami Beach, Florida.
    Miami Beach, Florida.

    A Pop-Up Shop with our Cuban Guayabera shirts, featuring the world famous Panama hats, adds a touch of class and a token of memorabilia to your corporate event. These unique items represent our rich heritage and culture, with Hispanic flair and cool tropical style, representative of Miami and South Florida.

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    Customer Review

    Our google reviews.

    "... With a week's notice, Alexis Martin of was able to set up a pop-up hat stand for a corporate event at a South Beach hotel. Alexis was professional and personable; after discussing our vision of the event by phone we mapped out a game plan. Alex preordered hats for our group of 90 and brought double the amount to our event, ensuring that an ample variety of styles and sizes were available to choose from. Our guests were delighted with the selection and had great fun in selecting hats for themselves and each other. The pop-up hat stand was a big hit - I highly recommend it for others interested in a similar experience...Diane E. - Senior Event Planner .."