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Introducing our new Timeless Tropical Travel line of 100% pure linen Guayamisas and Chacabanas: a modern take on the traditional Guayabera. These two-pocketed, 100% linen shirts, with intricate pleating and top-quality tailoring are made to last. With timeless style and classic color combinations, these button-down shirts are the latest addition to our high-end line of signature men's tops. Tailored to last for generations, these shirts are made with 100% high-quality linen, if properly maintained they will still look new in future decades.

Linen is the worlds most resilient fabric, which maintains its integrity while other fabrics quickly deplete in the tests of time's wear and tear. Notice, in this new line, how we have widened the pleated chest panel and use very thin and intricate pleating. Also, note the pocket's cut and button accents.

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