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5 Tips On How To Wear Your Clerical Guayabera Shirt.

Untucked comfort! 1. Wear it untucked. The clerical guayabera is lightweight and breathable, designed for hot and humid weather. Wearing it untucked allows for better airflow and helps to keep the wearer cool. The guayabera also has a relaxed and casual look, with pleats, front top and bottom pockets and together with other design elements which is enhanced by wearing it untucked. A well-fitting shirt can give you a boost of confidence. 2. Choose the right fit. A clerical guayabera shirt should fit comfortably, not too tight or loose. You must order the size you will wear on a regular polo shirt. Choosing the right fitting shirt is a must for wearing the clerical guayabera comfortably and always looking professional. A well-fitted shirt will allow you to move freely. This is especially important if you will be active or wearing the shirt for an extended period. Look more put-together and polished. 3. Pair it with the right pants. Clerical guayaberas can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. When your shirt and pants are well-matched, it will give you confidence and help you look more professional. Generally, long-sleeve shirts are well suited for more formal events, matched with dressy slacks and shoes. Short Sleeve Clerical Guayaberas can be dressed down and worn with khakis or jeans. An uncomfortable collar can cause chafing, irritation, and neck pain. 4. Adjust the collar. Clerical members serve their community for extended periods, and your collar must fit a bit on the loose side. You can take advantage of our free collar adjuster included with every order to wear your clerical guayabera in comfort, and if needed, you can move the button on the collar for a much better fit. How to wear your clerical guayabera. 5. Keep it clean and pressed. Our clerical guayaberas have an easy-to-care fabric; you may wash and wear the shirt right after drying. However, for a more professional look, you should always wear a shirt clean and pressed. Phenomenal Summer Clerical Shirt Ready to Buy Your Clerical Guayabera Shirt? "..I live in the desert and was looking for a cool and comfortable clerical shirt. I'm so happy I found this shirt. I ordered a medium which is what I wear in other shirt and it was perfect. I don't like my shirts baggy, so if you do, order up one size. The material is a great blend. I wore it for the first time this Sunday and received several compliments on it. I'll definitely be purchasing more... 5 stars review by Rev. Dr. G. (CA)" CLICK TO ORDER YOUR CLERICAL GUAYABERA SHIRT TODAY Clerical Guayabera Shirts "..I love the shirt they are very comfortable and they are NOT MADE IN CHINA! ... Abouna Ibrahim " Shop Now