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Shipping Information Question and Answer

Mycubanstore ships packages using UPS, USPS and Fedex, If you have any special request let us know and we will try to optimize the shipping to your needs.

IMPORTANT! If you received an outrageous shipping quote on our site call us or email us for us to double check, systems dont always perform as expected we will always be happy to help you with any shipping questions you may have.

Can you ship to a beach wedding destination?

Yes, we can ship to another location as long as everything in the order has been confirmed. However, we recommend this wedding orders to be placed with plenty of times to prevent any type of delays. Sometimes delays can happen that will be out of our controls.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do ship internationally. However we may require to verify your order prior to ship. International orders do not have tracking numbers, the transit times are as follow:

  • Canada: 2 weeks
  • Europe: 3 Weeks
  • Rest of the world: 1 Month.
If you need an international package faster than the times shown above call us and we will help find a better solution at an affordable rate for you.

International tracking: Use this URL to track your international order:  http://dm.mytracking.net/ibc/dmportalv2/externaltracking.aspx

How fast do you ship your products?

We ship daily upon availability of the inventory. If the item is in stock we ship your order the same day (busiess days only). Depending on the state and the courier the shipping transit time will vary. Please refer to the following chart to get estimated transit times from UPS, USPS (US postal Service) packages take from 3 to 4 business days after the order is sent.

FreeShipping.com FAQs for Mycubanstore.com

1. What is the FreeShipping.com Insiders Club?

The FreeShipping.com Insiders Club is a members-only online shopping service that offers its members access to benefits such as free shipping rebates, price protection for online purchases, free extended warranties, online coupons and much more.

2. What is the offer?

Mycubanstore.com customers are offered an introductory $15 rebate for their Shipping Charge. Once active, customers can also take advantage of free shipping rebates on future Mycubanstore.com orders, and orders at over 1,000 other online merchants.

3. How do I get cash-back on the Mycubanstore.com purchase I made the day I joined?

When you sign up with FreeShipping.com, you’ll receive information on your bonus rebates in your “welcome” e-mail along with instructions on claiming the initial rebate. If you have any other questions, please contact FreeShipping.com’s Customer Care Group at any time.

4. How can I contact FreeShipping.com?

FreeShipping.com may be contacted via e-mail at customercare@freeshipping.com or by phone at 1-800-869-5597 1-800-869-5597 for live assistance day or night.

5. How are Freeshipping.com and MyCubanStore.com related?

FreeShipping.com is a partner of Mycubanstore.com and is a gateway to great offers! Mycubanstore.com simply introduces FreeShipping.com’s offer to its customers.

IMPORTANT: Mycubanstore.com does not share any customer information or credit card data with FreeShipping.com. Any personal information that FreeShipping.com collects has been provided exclusively by you, the customer, when you signed-up.